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In the gorgeous frame of Piazza del Campo from 9th to 11th March a big handcraft chocolate festival was organized by Choco moments and the municipality of Siena. The best chocolate artisans of Italy were present together with the national Italian artisans society. The festival was the occasion to know the ancient origins of this deliciousness, to be present at the processing and to have the chance of tasting it in very several vertions. The exhibitors from Piedmont, Veneto, Umbria, Tuscany and Sicily were almost 90. Just the chocolates of Modica- Sicily are those which we liked more: chocolates with pistachio, hot pepper, almond, and tangerine. These wonderful scents reminded us the very ancient origins ( Atzeche) of this "gods' food": it is the time to leave Piazza del Campo and to come back home, with a large shopping: we will enjoy it at home, with a good wine.